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PPC advertising to dominate the search engines and increase social media engagement

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PPC – or Pay-Per-Click – is a popular internet marketing model. The main difference between this strategy and more organic solutions such as SEO is that advertisers pay a fee each time one of their advertisements is clicked. While additional fees may seem off-putting to small businesses or start-ups, it’s worth bearing in mind that a high percentage clicks go to the top three paid ads, so having a PPC management strategy in place is well worthwhile.

At Minerva Creative, we work with PPC management experts that can help support your business dominate Google Adwords placements for the best performance for your site.

Generate leads and improve conversion rates

Generating business is a key concern for companies small and large. You want people to not only hear about you and know what you do, but click through to your website and become a client/customer too – and that’s where we come into our own.

Once we’ve spoken to you and know what you want to achieve, we can go ahead and bid for keywords producing relevant, targeted campaigns on Google Adwords that will help generate quality leads and improve conversion rates significantly.

Design and create suitable landing pages

People at the start of the sales cycle are far more likely to click on an organic search term. They are at the top of the funnel and require excessive information before making a purchase. Those at the bottom, however, are ready to take action and are more likely to click on the conversion prompts found in PPC content which will lead them to a very salesy landing page in a bid to secure the deal.

Perfecting these landing pages is crucial. It’s the difference between making a sale/landing new business and not, which is why we invest energy into designing and creating suitable pages that will keep consumers hooked. While it’s thought 45 per cent of consumers can’t actually identify a paid ad, if they click on marketing copy focused on sales, it’s safe to assume they are ready to bite and therefore the content should be on point, guiding them in the right direction.

Navigate social media paid advertising

PPC advertising is no-longer purely about Google Adwords. Social media is now recognised as an important business tool which, if used right, can generate leads and improve turnover. We understand how influential social media platforms can be and will use our marketing knowledge to channel paid advertising through various portals including:

Social media ads

More than 1.4 billion people use Facebook to connect with what matters to them and more than 900 million visit the site every day. These figures are significant which is why we will help you run successful Facebook Ads that reach your target audience.

Twitter and LinkedIn ads can also be used to achieve your ambitious business goals. We will ensure all ads promote objective-lead campaigns and will only create content with an end-goal in mind. Social media advertising can also increase traffic to your website and promote brand awareness, which is why we feel they could prove beneficial when incorporated into an overall PPC management strategy.

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PPC management is an essential part of digital marketing. As such, working with a team of PPC experts such as the team at Minerva Creative can help deliver the exposure and the leads your business needs. Get in touch with our team today by submitting an online enquiry form now.

We can develop a strategy that effectively bids for keywords and produces relevant, targeted campaigns on Google Adwords that will help generate quality leads and improve conversion rates significantly. .

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